The evolution of an industry standard for use in an array of home, studio, and professional audio applications.

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The A7V is a contemporary 2-way monitor that represents the evolution of ADAM Audio’s award winning A7X. It features a 7” Multi-Layer Mineral woofer and rotatable X-ART tweeter, which is made by hand in Berlin.

DSP-based voicing, equalization and room correction options can be controlled remotely and in real time via the free-to-download A Control software, and updatable firmware allows for new filters and tunings to be implemented over the lifetime of the monitor.

German Handmade Precision X-ART Tweeter with rotatable HPS waveguide

7'' Woofer (Multi-Layer Mineral)

Total Peak Amp. Power: 130 W

Frequency Response @ -6 dB: 40 Hz - 45 kHz

Max. peak SPL per speaker at 1 m: 105 dB SPL


Explore the technology

ADAM Audio monitors have earned a worldwide reputation for the innovations that we have established in the field of loudspeaker technology. Here you can explore the technology of the A7V.

A Control Remote Software

The DSP-based functionality of all A Series monitors can be controlled remotely and in real time over ethernet using A Control.
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Rotatable HPS Waveguide & X-ART Tweeter

Made from a new glass fiber polymer compound, the HPS waveguide enables the X-ART tweeter to disperse sound in space with controlled consistency.
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Bass Reflex System, Cabinets and Mounting

The new A Series cabinets build on the heritage of ADAM Audio and the AX Series in particular.
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Automated Room Correction with Sonarworks

ADAM Audio is proud to partner with Sonarworks on an automated room correction solution that runs directly on the DSP of A Series monitors.
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Hybrid Amplification

The A Series combines the best of both digital and analog worlds.
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Multi-Layer Mineral Woofer [MLM]

The latest materials and advanced analysis and design processes have led to the development of our new long-throw woofers.
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A “Voicing” is a pre-defined sound profile of an A Series monitor. On the back panel, you will find two different selections, “UNR” and “Pure”.
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Room Adaptation

On the back panel of A Series speakers, you will find four bands of room adaptation equalization: Bass, Desk, Presence and Treble.
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Digital Signal Processing

The A Series capitalizes on the transformative power of DSP-based electronics to provide greater tuning precision than analog-only speakers.
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Beautiful from every angle

Front View

The front-facing LED indicates status changes, e.g. when using A Control

Angled front view [left]

The A7V uses a dual front ported bass reflex system

Back View

The backplate houses a great variety of control options

Angled front view [right]

A mounting interface at the bottom of the cabinet allows for flexible speaker positioning



Electronic musician JakoJako talks us through her home studio and journey through synthesis.

The reviews are in

“If a commercial studio wanted to add a pair of nearfields, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the A7Vs. Given my inability to imagine mixing without them, I’m buying my review pair.”

Ryan Morse

“No doubt, the new A7V from ADAM Audio is a worthy successor to the A7X and outperforms it in every aspect – not least thanks to its strong digital ‘heart’. We welcome this new alpha nearfield monitor to the upper class.”

Harald Wittig
Professional Audio

“All in all I am very impressed with the A7V’s. ADAM Audio have built on the success of the A7X and made a monitor that looks and sounds great. They are competitively priced and having the option of running Sonarworks SoundID Reference calibration profiles directly on the monitor’s DSP is absolutely fantastic. […] All things considered, the ADAM Audio A7V’s are an excellent choice of monitor and for what it’s worth I am pleased to say that they have easily found a place on my ‘highly recommended’ list.”


“With the A7V, ADAM Audio has introduced a new ‘industry standard’ speaker that offers more than ‘standard’ in every respect. […] We are dealing with a real price / performance winner!”

Fritz Fey
Studio Magazin

“While its easy to get carried away with all the digital add-ons, one fundamental fact needs to be stated: the ADAM Audio A7V is a great-sounding, high quality monitor.”

Greg Walker
AudioTechnology Magazine

Don't sweat it.

A 5 year warranty is standard across our entire product portfolio, allowing you to work without worrying about your gear.

ADAM Audio A7V In Use


Technical Data

View the specifications of the ADAM Audio A7V by clicking each drop-down section.

  • General Data

    • Display: Front panel multi-colour LED
    • Cabinet Design: Dual front ported
    • Cabinet Material: Vinyl wrapped MDF and painted MDF front panel
    • Mounting options: Threaded inserts on the bottom of the cabinet (4 x M8)
    • Power consumption (max, idle, sleep): 220 W, 10 W, 3.5 W
    • AC Input Voltage: 100 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz
    • Power Rating: 300 W max.
    • Operating Conditions:-10° C to +40° C (+14° F to +104° F); <75 % RH, non-condensing
    • Weight: 8.7 kg (19 lb 3 oz)
    • Dimensions (Height x Width x Depth): 337 mm x 200 mm x 280 mm (13 1/4″ x 7 7/8″ x 11″)
    • Warranty: 5 years (2 years warranty plus 3 years optional with product registration)
    • Delivery Contents: A7V loudspeaker, power cable, Quick Start Guide

  • Audio Input Connectors

    • Analog: XLR, RCA
    • Input Impedance: 9 kOhm / 3.3 kOhm
    • Max. Input Level: +19 dBu

  • Amplification

    • Woofer
      • Amplifier Type: PWM
      • Peak (10% THD, limiter deactivated): 110 W
      • RMS (1% THD, limiter deactivated): 90 W
    • Tweeter
      • Amplifier Type: Class A/B
      • Peak (10% THD, limiter deactivated): 20 W
      • RMS (1% THD, limiter deactivated): 15 W

  • Control Options [via Network]

    • Networking Connector: RJ45
    • Connection Type: Ethernet
    • Communication Protocol: OCA using standard IP data
    • Control Software: A Control (Windows and MacOS available)
    • Room Adaption Options: Backplate, Extended, Sonarworks SoundID Reference integration
    • Advanced Room Adaptation: 6 x PEQ, Level, Delay
    • Third-party Calibration Compatibility: Import from Sonarworks SoundID Reference

  • Acoustics

    • Frequency Response @ -3 dB: 44 Hz – 41 kHz
    • Frequency Response @ -6 dB: 40 Hz – 45 kHz
    • Crossover Frequencies: 2.8 kHz
    • Max. peak SPL per speaker at 1 m (sine bursts): 105 dB SPL
    • Max. peak SPL per speaker at 1 m (IEC-weighted noise): 113 dB SPL
    • Max SPL in full space at 1 m with sine bursts (average 100 Hz to 6 kHz) @ 3% THD (RMS): 105 dB SPL
    • Max SPL in full space at 1 m with sine bursts (average 100 Hz to 6 kHz) @ 3% THD (Peak): 108 dB SPL
    • Max SPL in full space at 1 m with sine bursts (average 50 Hz to 100 Hz) @ 3% THD (RMS): 95 dB SPL
    • Max SPL in full space at 1 m with sine bursts (average 50 Hz to 100 Hz) @ 3% THD (Peak): 98 dB SPL
    • Dolby DARDT max SPL in full space: 115 dB SPL
    • Dolby DARDT max SPL in full space (bass managed): 119 dB SPL

  • Drivers

    • Woofer
      • Basket Diameter: 7″
      • Voice Coil Diameter: 1.3″ (33 mm)
      • Cone Material: MLM
    • Tweeter
      • Type: X-ART
      • Diaphragm Area: 4 inch² (2420 mm²)
      • Equivalent Diaphragm Diameter: 2″ (56 mm)
      • Velocity Transform Ratio: 4 to 1
      • Diaphragm Weight: 0.17 g
      • Waveguide: HPS (rotatable)
      • Waveguide Dispersion: 120° horizontal, 70° vertical

  • Signal Processing

    • AD converter: 24-bit
    • Internal sample rate: 96 kHz
    • Delay range, resolution: 0 – 10 ms, 0.1 ms
    • Protection: Independent peak and thermo limiters for each driver, and amplifier thermo limiters

  • Control Options [via Backplate]

    • Input Sensitivity: 0 dBu = 100 dB SPL at 1 m @ 0 dB level setting
    • Level: -12 dB to +12 dB
    • Input Selection: Balanced, unbalanced
    • Voicings: Pure, UNR
    • Room Adaption:
      • Bass: +2, 0, -2, -4 dB
      • Desk: 0, -2, -4 dB
      • Presence: +1, 0, -1 dB
      • Treble: +1.5, 0, -1.5 dB


Measurement Data

Here you can view the results of common loudspeaker measurements for the ADAM Audio A7V.


Additional Information

Read up on the user manual, the quick start guide or take a look at the product sheet.

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