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The S2V is a classic two-way nearfield monitor designed for use in small-to-medium-sized control rooms.

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ADAM Audio S2V

The 7-inch bass driver, newly created from the ground up for the S Series, covers frequencies ranging from 35 Hz to 3 kHz and delivers a powerful, distortion-free low-end with a wide dynamic range. The carefully refined S-ART tweeter, handbuilt as ever at the ADAM Audio factory in Berlin, works seamlessly in tandem with the newly developed HPS waveguide, creating absolutely precise imaging within a generously proportioned sweet spot.

The S2V’s compact dimensions belie its impressive power. A 300 W Class D amplifier drives the woofer while a 50 W Class A/B unit handles the S-ART tweeter; the combined output produces SPLs of up to 120dB per pair.

The S Series’ custom-designed DSP optimizes the loudspeaker crossovers to create linear responses for the entire range, as well as providing user equalization and in-room tuning/voicing functions. The DSP also handles the limiter-based high-frequency driver protection, processes the signals from the AES3 digital inputs, and will in time facilitate various expansion options. Software updates can be carried out with ease via the associated USB port, which also allows users to connect computers and control the speakers’ DSP functions via a software front-end.

With its highly accurate frequency response and balanced, razor-sharp imaging, the S2V allows users to pinpoint even the most subtle audio details, making it an ideal choice for use in demanding studio environments.

German Handmade Precision S-ART Tweeter with HPS Waveguide

7“ Woofer (Hexacone)

Total RMS Amp. Power: 350 W

Frequency Response: 35 Hz - 50 kHz (-20 dB)

Max. SPL Per Pair at 1 m: ≥120 dB

AES3 Digital Input



ADAM Audio monitors have earned a worldwide reputation as the preeminent tool for sound engineers based on technological innovations that we’ve established in the field of loudspeaker technology.


Custom-built bass driver created specifically for the S Series, using ADAM Audio's engineering design experience and the latest computer modeling techniques.
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HPS Waveguide

The S-ART tweeter comprises the latest iteration of ADAM’s respected folded accelerated ribbon design, produced to tighter tolerances than ever before, and...
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High Performance DSP Module

Custom DSP engine implements perfect crossovers for optimal frequency response and maximum dynamic range, in addition to EQ options and presets for in-room o...
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Custom-designed magnet assembly which allows the voice coil a maximum excursion three times greater than that offered by previous designs, with an extended, ...
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S Series Amplifiers

The S Series low- and mid-range drivers are powered by Class-D ICE power amps, specially developed low-noise 50W Class A/B amp powers the S-ART on S2 & S3.
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S Series Bass Reflex System

S Series Bass Reflex tubes and ports have been redesigned to reduce friction- and turbulence-related coloration and incorporate additional anti-resonance tec...
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S Series Cabinets

S Series cabinets are weightily constructed from thick, heavy material to reduce susceptibility to vibrations, while their rounded edges help to minimize unw...
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S-ART Tweeter

All the models in the S Series employ the latest iteration of ADAM's world-famous X-ART tweeter, each handmade in Berlin, Germany.
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Don't sweat it.

A 5 year warranty is standard across our entire product portfolio, allowing you to work without worrying about your gear.


“Simply put, one of the
best monitors we have ever listened to.”

DJ Mag

“The sound quality on this range of speakers is undoubtedly ADAM´s best yet and I was a big fan of the previous generation of S series speaker.”


“ADAM’s S2V is a world-class, versatile nearfield monitor. Its seamless tonal integration and lightning-fast transient response makes for a highly revealing system that can be tailored to suit existing monitoring setups, while providing all the detail, depth and resolution bedroom producers would ever need.”

John Pickford

“The ADAM S2V is an absolutely incorruptible monitor, it’s a real workhorse that lets you peer deep into the sonic image with freshly cleaned glasses and the magnifying glass it supplies.”

Jochen Reinecke

„With the new S Series, ADAM Audio creates a new secret weapon for modern studios.“

DJ Mag (Netherlands)

“I recommend the ADAM Audio S2V monitor for every small or medium-sized studio. I think they are definitely worth the money and will be an essential tool for many producers.”

Konstantin “Kostek” Andrejew

“Impressively, spatial characteristics and reverbs are presented in a way that is spread out, like a fan, making even the finest nuances audible. That’s very helpful when building the low end of a mix, giving the user a feeling of security. That’s also true of the incredibly differentiated imaging of the various frequency ranges. This means that individual signals are reproduced very vividly, making them wonderfully easy to work with.”

Chris Pfeil

360 Degree View

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ADAM Audio S2V In Use


Technical Data

View the specifications of the ADAM Audio S2V by clicking each drop-down section.

  • General Information

    • Panel: Rear
    • Max. Power Consumption: 230 W
    • Weight: 24.2 lb (11.0 kg)
    • Height x Width x Depth: 13,6″ (346 mm) x 8,7″ (222 mm) x 13,3“ (338 mm)
    • Warranty: 5 years (2 years warranty plus 3 years optional with product registration)
    • Delivery Contents: Power cord, user manual

  • Audio Input Connectors

    • Analog: XLR
    • Input Impedance: 48 kOhm
    • Max. Input Level: +24 dBu
    • Digital: AES3

  • Amplification

    • Woofer
      • Amplifier Type: PWM
      • Amp. Power RMS: 300 W
    • Tweeter
      • Amplifier Type: Class A/B
      • Amp. Power RMS: 50 W

  • Acoustics

    • Frequency Response: 35 Hz – 50 kHz (-20 dB)
    • THD > 100 Hz: ≤0.4 %
    • Max. SPL per pair at 1 m: ≥120 dB
    • Crossover Frequency: 3 kHz

  • Drivers

    • Woofer
      • Basket Diameter: 7″
      • Voice Coil Diameter: 1.5″ (39 mm)
      • Cone Material: HexaCone
    • Tweeter
      • Type: S-ART
      • Diaphragm Area: 4 inch² (2420 mm²)
      • Equivalent Diaphragm Diameter: 2″ (56 mm)
      • Velocity Transform Ratio: 4 to 1
      • Diaphragm Weight: 0.17 g
      • Waveguide: HPS

  • Control Options

    • Input Sensitivity: Adjustable
    • Parametric EQs: 6
    • Room Compensation High-Shelf EQ: 1
    • Room Compensation Low-Shelf EQ: 1
    • Preset Memories: 5
    • Delay: 0 ms to 5 ms


Measurement Data

Here you can view the results of common loudspeaker measurements for the ADAM Audio S2V.


Additional information

Read up on the user manual, the quick start guide or take a look at the product sheet.

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