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ADAM Audio S6X Studio Monitor


The S6X main monitor is designed for large control rooms and film studios. It uses a symmetrical concept to increase the realistic reproduction of ADAM Audio monitors to higher sound pressure levels. ADAM Audio has avoided the typical overloading of the bass range that can often be found in main monitors. A wide horizontal radiation characteristic and moderate vertical beaming are crucial factors to minimize the impact of ceiling and floor reflections and achieve neutral sound reproduction at high volumes.

  • Powerful Amplifiers and HexaCone Woofers

    … the perfect combination

    High-performance PWM amplifiers drive all of the woofers in SX-Series monitors. Due to their high efficiency of over 90 %, these amplifiers have less power loss and are thus more loadable and durable than classic A/B amplifiers. They are also more broadband with additional sonic benefits in the treble range. ADAM Audio has developed a special low-noise 50 Watt amplifier with a flat frequency response up to 300 kHz to drive the X-ART tweeter. In conjunction with the high-efficiency tweeters, this enables the SX-Series models to produce both accurate and effortless high-frequency reproduction.

    The cone speakers in the SX monitors are all made from HexaCone, an aramid-plastic core with honeycomb structure coated on both sides with Kevlar. This ensures maximum strength with minimum weight, resulting in a superior dynamic response with self-resonances of the diaphragm eliminated from the audible range. The advantage of combining HexaCone woofers with an X-ART tweeter and PWM amplifiers is outstanding dynamic performance and high sound pressure levels.

  • X-ART Reveals The Finest Sonic Details

    Every model of the SX-Series features ADAM Audio’s unique ‚hand-made in Berlin’ tweeter with our proprietary X-ART technology. In addition, the main monitors (S5X-H, S5X-V, S6X and S7A MK2) are also equipped with X-ART midrange drivers. The precise transient response as well as the driver’s ability to reproduce the finest sonic details make ADAM Audio monitors uncompromising and effective tools. SX cabinets are built with generously rounded edges and a durable plastic coating. The former minimizes distracting reflections while the latter provides extra protection for everyday use in the studio.

  • Extensive Room Adaptive Options

    A variety of control options are available in the SX-Series models for extensive adjustments to room acoustics. The S1X features low and high shelving EQs as well as the tweeter gain and volume control. Models S2X through S5X also feature a front-mounted control panel. In addition to a standby switch, two LEDs to indicate clipping and the status of the optional D/A-converter are located here. The S6X and S7A MK2 models have an even more extensive set of available controls.

  • Optional: D/A converter and External Amp Unit EA-SX

    A 24 Bit/192 kHz DAC plug-in card is available for SX models (S2X and higher). Beyond that, the EA-SX external amplifier lets you flush mount the S2X, S3X, S4X and S5X models. The respective external amplifiers are mounted together with the control unit in a 19-inch rack. All electronic parts and the setting options are identical to the amplifiers used in the standard SX models.

Main Monitors In Use


X-ART Driver

A groundbreaking technological innovation with easily discernible superior performance and no technical flaws, the X-ART driver is clearly unequalled in the ...
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X-ART Tweeter

ADAM Audio has improved upon the Air Motion Transformer utilizing superior geometries and materials to achieve unprecedented audio fidelity.
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HexaCone woofers are an integral component in most of ADAM’s monitors/speakers. The core is a honeycomb Nomex structure that makes them ...
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A/B Amplifier

We designed our own high frequency power amp to allow the new high frequency unit to live up to its unique talents.
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ADAM units use the new technology for both the amp and the power supply section (i.e. no more transformers) combined with state of the art input and filter s...
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All models of ADAM’s SX monitors (except the S1X) feature a highly sophisticated front panel with “virtual ground semiconductor switch technology”.
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D/A Converter

To work directly from digital sources ADAM offers a optional plug-in D/A converter for the SX series.
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ADAM Audio Technologies - Impulse Coupling

Impulse Coupling

Impulse Coupling is the rock solid connection that improves the situation of the driver in a comparable way.
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