Adam VandalSonic Bliss with ADAM Audio A77H Monitors

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In the dynamic realm of techno, Adam Vandal stands as a seasoned artist with over 25 years of experience, skillfully navigating between gritty industrial tones and indulgent Acid.

Adam Vandal’s musical journey extends beyond solo endeavors, encompassing sound engineering at the Prague State Opera and producing for various guitar projects. His commitment to musical versatility is reflected in DCT records, his label founded in 2000, leaving an indelible mark on the European rave scene.

An avid user of ADAM Audio monitors for more than a decade, Adam Vandal’s journey began with the P33As. The release of the new A Series and its features sparked the idea to finally upgrade his monitoring setup with the new A77H speakers.

“As soon as I found out, that the new A Series is equipped with a built-in DSP that allows for an integration with Sonarworks, I started to look into the new models more because I am using the Sonarworks technology already for a long time and I am currently not able to work without it.”

This integration streamlines his creative process and eliminates challenges associated with external software on his PC and enables seamless transitions between mutliple playback systems, for example his live set. This is crucial as Vandal incorporates analog drum machines and groove boxes directly into his speakers, bypassing the need for processing through his PC.

“You can control the A77H monitors with the A Control software, which is making my life much easier since I can’t reach the back panel because of the size of my studio room.”


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