Hakan KursunBringing Dolby Atmos Beats to the Bosphorus

ADAM Users

One of Turkey’s most established musicians and producers brings Dolby Atmos to Istanbul thanks to ADAM Audio.

Hakan Kurşun established his studio on the banks of the Bosphorus back in 1999. Kurşun Spatial is located in a historical village and built using natural wood and materials. The space comes complete with a stereo recording studio, a control room, and a dedicated Dolby Atmos mixing space with two workstations.

It was here that the legendary musician went on to record, mix, and master some of the greatest names in the Turkish music scene. Amongst the many top talents to have worked alongside Kurşun in his leading studio include singer-songwriter Sezen Aksu, pop icon Nazan Öncel. guitarist Nejat Yavaşoğulları, and many, many more.

Born in Germany, Kurşun’s reputation and experience is renowned within the Turkish scene. Having worked as a lecturer, and as digital media consultant for EMI, in addition to having his own successful solo career, the producer has decades of experience beneath his belt. His background in music recording however stems all the way back to his childhood. “I was recording music since I was a child,” the producer explains. “First, I started ping-pong recording with two cassette recorders, then later with a Foster X-160. I am always discovering new ways to record and express myself with sounds and music.”

Dolby Atmos

Through the implementation of ADAM Audio T8V and T7V studio monitors in his studio, Kurşun started providing Dolby Atmos services as of January 2022. For Kurşun, it was an inevitable transition. “For several years, I was working with a quad system for sound installations,” the Turkish producer explains. “Atmos was the technology that I was actually waiting for.”

Kurşun decided to integrate ADAM Audio monitors into his studio due to the speakers’ frequency range, dynamics, and aesthetics. “Over my career the main problems I’ve had with studio monitoring have been to do with weak low frequency resolution, no definition in the mid frequency range, and unrealistic high frequencies,” Kurşun explains.

So far, the Doly Atoms system is proving popular with his clients. “Currently I’m mixing six new Atmos tracks for well-known Turkish artists,” Kurşun details about his work. “And in 2022 I produced 74 Atmos mixes in Turkey, making Kurşun Spatial the number one Atmos Mixing Studio in the country.”