Estonian Museum of Natural History

ADAM Users
ADAM Audio T8V studio monitors and T10S subwoofer at the Estonian Museum of Natural History

The Estonian Museum of Natural History is an inspiring environment, providing fascinating knowledge for children, students, nature researchers, teachers, youths, families, and the elderly alike.

The Estonian Museum of Natural History opened a new immersive exhibition “Maria the Sturgeon’s Dream” that tells the story of the Baltic Sea’s history, nowadays, and future through an audio-visual experience. The animated visuals for the immersive Baltic Sea exhibition are created by BOP Animation and the sound is composed by musician Sten-Olle Moldau.

The Estonian Museum of Natural History had an idea for a digital exhibition that consisted of projector mapping, synchronized lighting effects, and a simple, but an immersive sound system. The Estonian Museum of Natural History’s goal was to test new ideas for their new building and they wanted to invest in a studio-quality active sound system. The ADAM Audio T series fitted perfectly since it is very reliable and the best value for the money.

The end result is a 3.1 sound system that consists of two side loudspeakers for sound effects, one center loudspeaker for speech, and a subwoofer that adds just the required notch for the cinema sound. T8V loudspeakers are installed halfway into the suspended ceiling thanks to special brackets and T10S subwoofer is installed under the seating area.