A8H Review At Sound On Sound"Cons: None"

A8H SOS Winner

Sound On Sound’s Bob Thomas has recently reviewed the ADAM Audio A8H studio monitors. Not only did the A8H pass his testings with flying colors, the reviewer is also happy to proclaim that he purchased the very pair of speakers sent to him for his evaluation:

  • “When I began listening critically to the A8H, the first thing that struck me was its speed, taut precision, transient response and low‑frequency extension.”
  • “The monitor as a whole has a wide, deep, highly detailed and solidly centred soundfield, in which all elements are clearly defined and precisely located.”
  • “With an outstanding audio performance coupled with an attractive price, to me the ADAM A8H represents terrific value for money. Whether you’re looking either to purchase your first pair of active three‑way monitors, or to upgrade or replace your existing speakers, the ADAM A8H should very definitely be on your audition list.”

Check out the full review on Sound On Sound’s website! In 2023, the complete A Series won the Sound On Sound Award in the “best studio monitors” category.