Serban-Ionut Georgescu [White Walls]Getting max power at home with T8Vs

ADAM Users

The acclaimed Romanian bass player and producer shares his secret to creativity thanks to his ADAM Audio powered home setup.

“When inspiration hits, you have to lay down the track,” explains bass player and producer Șerban-Ionuț Georgescu. As part of the Romanian, prog-metal band “White Walls“, Georgescu has released three albums over a decade-long career, with a style that can be compared to the likes of Tool, Opeth, and Karnivool. “I might be doing the dishes, then a groove pops in my head that fits with something I’d been working on a week prior, and I’ll abandon everything and run up to my workspace and record it.”

Enjoying the flexibility of working with a home setup that includes the ADAM Audio Studio Pro SP-5 and a pair of ADAM Audio T8Vs, Georgescu and White Walls were able to produce the majority of their latest LP Grandeur remotely, tracking everything except the drums from their respective spaces.

“Shifting from recording while monitored externally — via an amp or monitor — to a pair of nice headphones can absolutely improve your timing as a musician and help you get tighter takes faster,” he says regarding the benefits of using the SP-5s.

Using the T8Vs in his home setup also enables him to demo tracks with a studio-quality sound. “I just love having some thump in my monitors, bigger drivers help a lot with a non-sub setup,” he says about using the nearfield monitors.

Unlike their previous two records, Mad Man Circus (2009), and Escape Artist (2013), which were for the most part recorded using professional studios, Grandeur was the first time the act removed themselves from the studio for the recording process.

“I wouldn’t ever wish that commercial studios and their place in the food chain disappear,” he says about his recent experience. “But whatever I needed to accomplish something in my studio career, be it recording scratch tracks, doing final takes, producing demos or just expressing myself with an instrument, I’ve been able to do so in the safest, chillest place I know, my house. And that’s not something I take for granted.”